DropdownButton with Jetspike

Example of DropdownButton
Adding the DropdownButton widget
Adding more children results in more options appearing in the DropdownButton
Type “value” to add a new property
An example of a more complicated options layout
Providing options dynamically from a list through data-binding


We covered the basics of DropdownButtons in Jetspike. There is of course more you can do, you can explore all the formatting possibilities and more complicated use cases of data-binding. If you are unsure about any particular feature, let us know in the comments, we will be happy to answer your question. We are working constantly to implement our users’ wishes to make Jetspike the ultimate Flutter productivity tool.



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Martin Černý

Martin Černý


Life hacker, former software developer, medical school graduate, surgeon and Ph.D. student. Founder of jetspike.com.