Jetspike Hello World

1. Basic layout

Let’s get started. Open new project in Jetspike designer. Following GIF shows you how to create the basic layout by simply dragging the widgets. Doesn’t take more than one minute. Switch to preview mode (eye icon in the top left corner of the canvas) to get a more accurate rendering.

2. Providing dynamic value for Text widget

First, let’s create a variable storing how many times we have clicked the button. Navigate to the top level widget, select attributes in the properties panel in the right part of the screen and add a new variable called counter with data type int and default value 0.

Creating a counter attribute within the widget (left) and the generated code (right)
Providing a dynamic value

3. Increment the counter

Now we need an action to increment our counter. Select the Scaffold widget and insert following code into the floatAction property:


This is it. You have successfully created your Hello World demo in Jetspike. The code is ready to be copied into the IDE of your liking and run. You are now ready to build amazing mobile apps yourself!



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