LoopAwe — artificial intelligence composing music

In today’s story, I present LoopAwe, my project of two years, a musical search engine capable of picking best loops to accompany given musical input.

LoopAwe is a new musical search engine for loops and aims to revolutionize how music is being made. LoopAwe takes your musical idea and suggests loops from a vast database that make for the best accompaniment. You get to preview how the two audio tracks go together immediately without having to download the loops and import them into your DAW.

Behind the curtains, there is a powerful AI trained to predict what loops would humans pick. LoopAwe also pitch shifts and time stretches the samples to achieve the best fit.

You can try it yourself at www.loopawe.com. The app is currently free to use and I would like to keep it like that.

If you find this useful and/or amusing, I would highly appreciate you telling your musical buddies about LoopAwe and seeing what you can accomplish with a tool like this.

I wish you lots of inspiration and fun!