In today’s story, I present LoopAwe, my project of two years, a musical search engine capable of picking best loops to accompany given musical input.

LoopAwe is a new musical search engine for loops and aims to revolutionize how music is being made. LoopAwe takes your musical idea and suggests loops from a vast database that make for the best accompaniment. You get to preview how the two audio tracks go together immediately without having to download the loops and import them into your DAW.

Behind the curtains, there is a powerful AI trained to predict what loops would humans…

Flutter is taking over the world of mobile app development partly due to how easy to use it is. However, it doesn’t enforce much of a layout/logic separation and can lead to some serious spaghetti code. In today’s tutorial, we will take a look at how you can define your layout with Jetspike, visual Flutter designer, and fill it with data using data-binding, for-loops, if-conditions and more.

We will create a product screen with information about items in your shop and a simple add to cart button. You can add it to your project by going to Snippets tab in…

When it comes to Flutter development — and software development in general — the speed at which you are able to deliver your apps is crucial. Utilizing tools to automate repetitive task can greatly accelerate the whole development process and help software engineers around the world be more efficient and productive.

Martin Černý

Life hacker, software developer, medical student. Founder of Previously software developer at major consulting company.

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